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About us

Behind Sushirrito is a young family of five founding members.

The head of the family is Kuba, who spent some time in New Zealand and Australia a few years ago, where he became fond of the local sushi burritos and other street food. For the last six years he has worked at Kobe Restaurants where he was head sushi manager.

Another member is Petra, who is mainly an administrative function in the team and takes care of the smallest members.

Then we have Maty, who is being trained in the industry and in a few years is ready to become a chef in his own words. He still has a long way to go, so time will tell if this dream will come true.

The penultimate member and the newest member of the team is Linda, who has recently joined the team and is preparing for an active and intensive testing of the children’s corner and last but not least there is our Emilka, who would rather belong to the Zooshop team two doors down, but still keeps her loyalty to us.

I decided to implement the idea of the Sushirrito Bistro based on my personal experience in New Zealand, where I first saw this exceptional concept, which has been very successful in the world and is associated with a healthy lifestyle.
It is basically a combination of freshness, variety of flavours and colours .
The idea of the company is to sell stylish and very popular in the world sushi burritos, poké bowls, sushi, soups, desserts and other Asian specialties.
The essential criterion is to focus on healthy and fresh food served in eco-friendly packaging without the use of disposable plastics.
We always want to offer a slightly more interesting service at fair prices. We are kids and pets friendly. We like to host gatherings of people in the form of Sunday brunch, parties – family, kids and corporate and sushi schools.


Something from history

The founder of the Sushi burrito concept is Peter Yen from San Francisco – it is a large rice roll that combines Asian and Latin American flavours, is filled with various ingredients usually found in classic burritos and sushi, and is finally cut in half with a sharp knife.

Poké bowls are one of the main dishes of traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Served in a bowl with rice, it also uses fresh fish, seaweed, Japanese beans and special sauces – complete with cashews, sesame seeds, sesame oil, ikura, tobiko, Japanese mayonnaise, mango, shiso leaves, pickled ginger, chili and kimchi.

Come taste and soak up some Japanese-Hawaiian atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you.

                                                Sushirrito Team


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